Feature: Reminder module

Very often I need to remind myself to do something later on. The schedule module could be used for this, however, I would like to set DateTime’s for reminders.

Example format:

- Get groceries 14:00
- Meet John 14 aug 20:15
- Celebrate new years 1 jan 2015

Other technical characteristics for this module:

  • The default time is 8:00, default date is today.
  • Notifications will have buttons ‘show’ and ‘snooze 15 min
  • Each dash is a checkbox item, with the same functionality as todo module.

I think this feature is exciting, and I would love to hear feedback or ideas on this.

Hi Jasper,

Thanks for writing in. Interesting idea, but what about the following cases:

  • What happens to reminders when FoldingText is closed?
  • What happens to reminders when the document containing the reminder is closed?


Thanks for your reply. In both cases nothing, just like the schedule module. This way, we keep notification behaviour consistent over all modules; reinforcing FoldingText’s simplicity.

Also, please note my added suggestion for checkbox and snooze implementation in the first post.

I’m not too sure about this then. For me, reminders are more about adding them and forgetting about it until the system reminds you. With the current method being proposed, unless you have a document open, it won’t work which reduces the functionality significantly.

Maybe FoldingText won’t be the ideal platform for long-term stuff. I will think about this a bit more, and do remind me later on too.


I really like this idea. I came to the forum tonight looking for this feature.

Use case: I’m always forgetting to invoice for my hours and the best time to do that is as soon as the work is completed. So at bare bones I was hoping to find a way to set a reminder for a specific time in the doc I’m working on. It would only display if the doc itself (or maybe FoldingText, if that’s possible) is open.

Best case would be if the reminder had 2 triggers: one for a specific time and another for attempting to close the document. Sort of a “hey! you leaving? don’t forget to bill for your time!”

3 years late, but you did say you wanted to be reminded so…