Feature Request: Folding Lists (Workflowy style)

I love FoldingText for it’s clean outlining capabilities – always use it when having to break down my thoughts in a structured way.

I’m a heavy user of bullet lists and often prefer them over headlines due to fast level changing with Tab / Shift-Tab.

But what i (really) miss (a lot) is the ability to also fold trunks of a bullet list - just like with the headlines: clicking folds it, clicking again unfolds it.

Thanks for you attention and pls ket me know what you think.

I’m not sure what you’re after, but maybe View > Fold does what you’re looking for.
Unlike headings, there’s no clickable element in the text to do that, but there’s a keyboard shortcut to that menu item.

Best regards.

Hi Jesse,
thank you very much for your reply - and for bringing this to my attention!

Yeah, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Sorry for bugging you with an existing feature… (how can it be that I missed this so far? :scream::flushed:).

Ok, now I can slightly adjust my intention to “a clickable element for this feature would be nice”. So if we could click the bullets in front of a list item, that would be intuitive and pretty congruent with the way we fold headlines.

Have a nice Sunday