Feature Requests

I love using iA Writer, but it is not an outliner and I am intrigued by the possibility of the smooth, minimalist all in one writing/outlining app that FT is. One missing iA Writer feature keeps me from using it more (I’ve bought it several times over the years).

Vanishing menu bar. Amazing how distracting that thing is, which only becomes clear when it vanishes. Metaphor for much in life, that. Grin.

Any chance of this happening? Also, thoughts on the long term stability of the app/ development? It’s been on and off.


Hm. Vanishing menu bar— as in the FoldingText top of screen standard app menu? That vanishes for me when I’m in full-screen mode. If you’re on El Capitan or macOS Sierra, you can also try the “Automatically hide and show the menu bar” option as an alternative. Hope that helps…

Toolbar. Sorry. Like iA Writer or Ulysses do. Appears if mousing over the top of the window (where the toolbar would be, vanishes with cursor placement in the editor.