Filter todo tasks

Hi there

I use FoldingText as a project management tool, making notes and todo lists as I go along.
Is there a way to filter and show uncompleted todo items quickly?

I’ve installed the filter plugin but i can’t seem to make it work for todo items.
I prefer the github markdown syntax which means task are not marked @done automatically

I’m trying to understand the node path queries.

With the following content:

- [ ] test
- [ ] test
- [x] test
- test
- test @done(2016-03-31)

and the following query:

/@mode = todo//not @done

I can filter the todo items. But I can’t find out how to filter out the - [x] ones.


I’m doing it this way :

//task not @done and not @line contains "[x]"

Back in folding text so thank you :slight_smile: