FoldingText 2.1 non breaking spaces and spell checking software

FoldingText 2.1 doesn’t take care of non breaking spaces (  very important in French typography) and Antidote my advanced spellchecker does not work in FT despite it is based on Mac OS X text routines (I presume). Antidote works fine with iA Writer, BBEdit, TextEdit, etc.

@Mutahhir_Ali will track and with some time and luck fix the   issue.

Support for Antidote might be impossible at this point. Unlike those other apps that you list FoldingText used web browser technology to display and edit the text, instead of the OS X text editing component. This choice provides lots of flexibility for doing the sorts of things that FoldingText does… but it also breaks compatibility with workflows that require native text components. At this point I’m not sure if it can be fixed or not for Antidote.

Thanks for the fast answer. Know that Antidote works in Safari and the other browsers but it needs an extension.

Unfortunately it’s a little more complicate then that for FoldingText. It doesn’t use a standard web browser text component either. Instead it’s built on a modified version of