FoldingText 2.2 Release Candidate

HI all,

We’ve just released FoldingText 2.2 (Dev) which should be the last preview release for 2.2.

Thanks to all your awesome feedback, we’ve gone ahead and updated the outline view a bit, and now it’s much simpler. Right now, single-clicking scrolls to the heading/mode, whereas double-clicking focuses that heading.

This also contains a bit more fixes, but overall should be very similar to the previous 2.2 preview release.

I hope you enjoy this release! :blush:


Looking good thus far.

A couple of questions with regard to the outline view:

  • is there any way to switch between headings, modes and all, now that that the buttons have gone?
  • is there any chance that single or double-clicking on an item in the outline view will expand the heading or mode if it’s folded?

Thanks, Mutahir. It’s always good to see FT moving forward.

This is so useful to me. Thanks!

Thanks! It’s nicer now without the (mostly) useless buttons.

A further visual improvement I would suggest is to add more whitespace between the Outline View and the window border. It would look more balanced.

Love this new option!

But I’d like to be able to change the font on the outline – not so fond of Helvetica (Neue?). I’ve dug through all the .less files and fooled around with them, but I haven’t succeeded in getting FT to acknowledge a different font option. Any suggestions?

Thanks for one of my very favorite apps!

Outline View looks great! Thanks!

I have quite a few headings that are links. In Outline View, these are currently showing as •• [Title](./relative/link).
It would be great if only the title was displayed. Or even better, if selecting the text brought you directly to the link destination and selecting the bullets or whitespace was the current behavior (navigating you to that heading).

Hey, when is it coming out. My copy is complaining: This development version has expired. Please download a newer version or the official release. Thanks!

Is there a newer one out? I have 2.2 (770).

2.2 (770) is the latest release, you can download directly from the or the Mac App Store.

To explain a bit more… each “release” actually has two versions a “preview” version and the normal “release” version. You have the preview version of 770 … but if you download from the website or the app store you’ll get the “release” version that doesn’t expire.


Last time I had a preview version, automatic update just updated it to the full version when it became available. There wasn’t a notice here when the non-preview version went live (or I just missed it somehow) and the updater did not say a new version was available. I downloaded from the main site and have it working without the dialog saying the dev version has expired.