FoldingText as a diary?

I would like to use this as a diary. Divide entries by day. Any suggestions how? Thx.

I would start simple. Maybe a heading for each day with the date in it. And go from there. For example:

# Jun 19, 2014

Today, nothing's happened yet.

# Jun 18, 2014

This and that.

Note, you can insert the current date with Edit > Run Command > Date. Or user shortcut Command-’ and then type “d” Return.

Later if you want to get fancier you could add tags for certain kinds of things, good meal, trip, etc… But really I would say there are diminishing returns in doing that. I’d say just keep it simple and put your energy toward using it (always my primary problem with a diary).

Good idea. Yes, I want to keep it simple. Thanks Jesse.

I’m not seeing the ‘Date’ command - Edit > Run Command pops up a list with ‘link node path’, ‘done’, and ‘archive @done’. Running FT 2.0.2 from the App Store.

@freedsignschool @Daniel_Grady Opps you are correct. Insert date isn’t installed by default, you need to add the “date and time.ftplugin” from here:

Also see How to install a plugin.