FoldingText for Atom 0.2.0


  • Added support for opening and editing .opml files
  • Added commands to cut/copy/paste the current selection as OPML, TEXT, or the default FTML
  • When you paste will try to detect in order FTML, OPML, Inline HTML, or fallback to TEXT
  • Changed item path syntax to always expand attribute names from @name to @data-name.
  • Fixed expanded state so that it is is preserved when you copy/paste items
  • Fixed dropping file onto empty outline new creates link instead of error

Here are the Installation instructions for FoldingText for Atom.

I’ve also updated the users guide with more details on how to import & export.

Had a quick play with the OPML import/export features and everything works as expected.

One UX thing to note though. It would probably be better if the ID column came after the Tag column when opening in OmniOutliner (or suchlike). The user can of course hide this column (and I’d gather it’s safer if it’s hidden seeing as FT for Atom relies on the unique identifiers for so much of it’s magic - so you want to avoid OO making any accidental changes to the ID’s).

This shows great promise for those of is that need mobile access to our outlines. And if we can get Ole Zorn to add OPML for Python to Editorial it might be possible to build a lightweight FT client within Editorial in much the same way that Editorial currently handles Taskpaper stuff. Here’s hoping anyway!

Nice work.