FoldingText for Atom – 0.8.0/0.9.0

  • Tags are now more readable in dark themes.
  • Fix platform keybindings #69, thanks @chibicode
  • Fix resize errors in search field that appear in recent Atom releases.

Here are the Installation instructions for FoldingText for Atom.

Also I messed up version numbing in this last release. The release notes call it 0.8.0, but I forgot that the release process auto increments the number, and so the official package version number of 0.9.0. Will try to remember that next time!

Speaking of version numbers… I’m going to switch away from semantic versioning until I get to 1.0. That still looks a ways off and I expect some breaking API changes in-between, so I’m just going to increment the middle number and make no promises on API until after 1.0.

Hi Jesse,

This project is looking really good. While I haven’t needed to use FoldingText very heavily lately, I’ve still been testing this Atom project from time to time, and for outlines, this new model feels polished in a way that the text-based FoldingText probably wouldn’t be able to match. (But I’m glad you’ll still be maintaining FoldingText; it’s the best Markdown editor.)

One question I have is whether you’re planning on forking Atom to create a standalone download for the 1.0 release. I think that would be more approachable for a lot of people (myself included, actually). Of course, you could still keep the Atom plugin for Atom users. Just a thought.

Good luck working toward 1.0!

UPDATE: Just came across Future Plans. Looks like you’ve already got this idea in the pipeline—excellent! Also really impressed by the query links.