For iPad/iOS Users: the latest Editorial update has a TaskPaper mode

…and it’s not at all bad. Your files have to use the .taskpaper extension to be able to use the built-in functionality, but you get checkboxes (with timestamped date of completion on tick), a drop-down list of projects (from the document title) and drag handles (grey blocks on the right hand side of the screen). You also get tag highlighting, which works surprisingly well when scrolling a long document.

There doesn’t seem to be a tag focus mode (tags are currently non-selectable) and there’s no tag auto-completion, but I’m hoping there’ll be more development along those lines in future updates. That, and other workflows can offer some basic tag navigation. For now, although there’s nothing that I’ve thus far found that offers the plain text folding of FoldingText, Editorial looks like it’s about to become my go-to app for editing FoldingText files.

Thanks for sharing this… other related apps like this are a great topic here. Not sure if you skipped making a link to Editorially intentionally or not, but external links to other related apps are definitely OK and encouraged by me.

From further play: font characteristics are determined by settings in the Markdown mode, but the TaskPaper mode doesn’t recognise any Markdown markup, which is a shame. Although folding didn’t make it into this update, a recent comment from Ole in the forums has me hoping for folding in a future release.