Frequent background crashing

I’ve been experiencing a lot of FoldingText crashes (multiple times a day), often while the app is in the background. I can provide more information, but I’m curious if there’s a known bug that might be responsible.

I’m using FoldingText 2.2, on a fresh install of macOS 10.12.5.

Hi @joesparano,

Thank you for writing in. Can you provide a bit more information, perhaps send us the crash log so we can take a look? Also, can you let me know if this is happening when you have a specific file open, and if so, is that file being synced with dropbox etc? Also, please let us know if there’s anything else that might be pertinent to note or perhaps out of the ordinary that might help lead us to the issue.



Absolutely, let me compile some info! I hadn’t considered that it might only be happening on certain files, so I’ll check that too.

I’ll report back soon.

I’ve compiled a few crash logs in a FoldingText file.

Things to note:

  • I haven’t seen a pattern with a specific file (although I’m not ruling this out).
  • often (but not always) the crash happens when I open a FT file using LaunchBar.
  • all of my FT files are synced with Dropbox.
  • I regularly use FT in Mac Split View mode.

Checking back in to see if I can help resolve this — FoldingText is still crashing as frequently as it was originally.

Are the crash logs above helpful? Can I run any specific tests to help isolate the issue for you more clearly?

Hi @joesparano,

Sorry for the late reply. I took a look at the logs, and I’m afraid there’s not much information to go on there. It seems that the crash happens as a result of calling a javascript call, but it’s not possible for me to figure out which method was being called. Some of the calls do look like they were made during load.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much I can do at the moment until there’s a way to reliably reproduce it. Do you perhaps have a series of steps we can take and get FT to crash?


Thanks for the reply, @mutahhir.

I haven’t been able to reliably recreate the steps myself, so this is as much as I know.

I’m not using any FoldingText Plug-Ins, and it sounds like this is a rare situation. So my guess is it’s being caused by another app. I’m running some experiments to isolate that. No luck yet, but I’ll update this thread if I can find it.

I’ve found a situation that regularly (although not always) causes FT to crash:

  1. FT is open, but not the frontmost app.
  2. use Launchbar to open an FT file.
  3. FT opens the file, then immediately crashes.

I think the circumstances of the crashing are more complex than this, though. There are times when FT crashes while I’m actively working in a document, and all I’m doing is typing.

Hi @joesparano,

Thanks for the details. Unfortunately, I’m no longer working on FT2, instead trying to find a good step forward for FT3. Since there is no plans to keep the same native code for FT2, I’m sure that this bug should cease to exist in the new version (but as with all things software, new ones would pop up :slight_smile: ).