Ft 2 command mode

just a very quick question about the command mode.

I just installed the new version 2.0, but is it just me, or did the command mode change fundamentally?!
I can only start very few commands from this list?!

Couldn’t I run all menu commands from command mode in version 1, or am I wrong?

Thanks for all the work!

The UI is different, but pretty much functionally the same. I liked 1.0 UI better too… but wasn’t time to port that in yet so I just use a standard menu for the moment. The number of default commands was longer in 1.0, though it wasn’t all menu items, just a some that I selected. It’s easy to add more, are their any in particular that you needed?

Generally command mode doesn’t provide all that much functionality out of the box, it’s intended as a place that plugins can add commands.