Future of Oak Outliner


Is Oak outliner still developed ? the last version is from June 13, 2013 …
If not is there any thought of making it open source ?
As a windows user who can’t use FoldingText, I dream of oak features such as cloud storage and FireBase integration …



Sorry it’s not. I’ve left the website up so people won’t lose data, but Oak was an experiment to get some of the FoldingText 2.0 code out early and test it. I’ll probably leave site up indefinitely, but need to put up a “not being developed notice”.

All the code was incorporated into FoldingText 2.0 for Mac.

If Windows is the big issue you might checkout FoldingText for Atom. Since it runs on Atom it should work on Windows and Linux. It doesn’t yet do everything that FoldingText 2.0 does and is more outliner then text editor. But its where my effort is focused right now.



Thanks Jesse !

That’s great I will check the Atom plugin,

Just to say your technology is really wonderful, and not entering into the mac/win wars I would guess there are many people outside the mac world that will appreciate it.

I think that an oak like online version connected to cloud storage or dropbox (and with some interface to arrange document in a folders/tree would be amazing) - I would pay for it ! :slight_smile:

Have a great day