Handles for branches?

I have a document that basically looks like this:

### Header 3
    ## Header 2
        # Header 1

My questions:

  1. How can I keep the folding functionality on Headers 2 and 1 if they are branches under Header 3? The ability to fold seems to disappear for headers if they become branches.
  2. How do I create a “triangle” or something that will fold a branch otherwise? It would be nice to toggle it without having to command + slash a branch everytime I want to fold/unfold it.


If I’m reading your source document correct (I just edited your post to show the source document more clearly) I don’t think it can be recognized by FoldingText as you intend.

When I past that text into FoldingText right now what it does is:

  1. Create a Header level 3
  2. Create two lines of “quotes” under header level 3

Note that the quotes not recognized as headers by FoldingText, they are just quotes, FoldingText can detect headers embedded in quotes.

Do you intend to have quoted text in this document, or were you trying to create only a header hierarchy?

Oh, the quotes shouldn’t be there. Apologies, I wasn’t sure how to post the headers.

I was trying to create a header hierarchy. Not sure if I’m showing this correctly, but:

I. Zoo

## A. Mammals
  # 1. Carnivores
  # 2. Marsupials

I would like to be able to fold the Mammals category by clicking on the hashtag in front of it, but it doesn’t seem to be an option?

And if the hashtag doesn’t work I was hoping there was some sort of “handle” I could use instead. Like a dash or two dashes or something similar that I could use to fold and unfold the Mammals category.

Ok, playing around with it some more it seems like it DOES work, but in reverse order. # can be the top header with ## and ### underneath it. Mammals will close as long as it’s branches are preceded by ###.

So this works for me. :slight_smile: Sorry to bug you again, still learning the program.