Hide Markdown in ‘Focus Heading’

Hi there,

Is it possible to hide markdown in the ‘Focus Heading’ menu? It would be cleaner if e.g. *italics* etc. in headers did not appear there. If that’s not currently possible, consider this a feature request!



Hi Mark,

Thank you for the feature request. I’m afraid I don’t think we’ll be able to implement this. At least not until something major changes. Parsing markdown can be hard, and just zeroing in and removing syntax is non-trivial, at least in my head right now.

I’ll update you if I find a quick way to do this, or if there’s anything I realize I missed.


Hi Mutahhir,

Sounds completely reasonable. I confess I haven’t the first idea how things like this work – in my mind, if syntax could be hidden in the editor it could be hidden in the focus window. Thanks for taking the time to respond!