Hiding text by scrolling

Currently, as you write text the page fills up, with new text added at the bottom. All the previous text is visible, and can be distracting (at least for me). It would be great if text could be scrolled, so that already written text can be moved up, out of the field of view, so that new text can be typed at the topmost line of the page.

Sasha, have you tried enabling Typewriter Scrolling, under the “View” menu? This keeps the text in the middle of the screen as you type, not the very top, but it’s better than having the text all the way at the bottom.

I know some text editors let you set the vertical position of the typewriter mode, including MultiMarkdown Composer, which let’s you set it as high or low as you’d like. I’ve always found the middle to be the best for me, but I could see wanting it higher for posture or whatever else.

Some other editors also have a “Focus Mode,” which hides text above and below where you’re typing. MMC also has that. I’m not trying to sell you MMC, just providing reference for where I’ve seen these features implemented.

A text editor is an interesting case where there are so many possible nuanced preferences for people’s habits and needs. I think providing an array of options is probably in the best interest of a text editing app in the long term, so you don’t lose a customer over something as trivial as where exactly the “typewriter” line sits on the screen, and stuff like this.

FoldingText’s extensibility, which I’m only just learning about, is an interesting take on this idea. It may very well be possible to write a small script, or customize the appearance, to move the typewriter focus up higher. Anybody have any ideas?

This could be implemented with an extension now, but it would be a bit hacky. Instead I’m going to add some options to make it easy in next release.

Hi Jesse,

Not sure what was added around the time thread was active (I’m guessing it was better support for typewriter scrolling), but I’m wondering:

Has there been any support for a method for dimming the text for items above and below the cursor’s currently active item? (much like focus mode in iA Writer)

Sorry I don’t think this was ever added.