How to delete folding text files

I’ve got a number of old foldingtext files I no longer want. I’d like to delete them so they don’t clutter either my iCloud or the selection menus. I’m damned if I can find a way to do so.


Hm. FT files should be as easy to delete as any others…

Except, of course, they’re in iCloud and not in space visible to the iCloud drive. So yeah, find them and you can delete them. But since they’re managed by FT and not in the iCloud drive space, it’s a little tougher.

If you click on the downward V next the window file-name,

and then click to open the Where combo

You will see the full location path of the file.

You can then navigate to the parental folder and delete from there.

Well, no, actually. What it tells me is that it’s in “Folding Text-iCloud”

Now, since then I’ve found a freeware tool that exposes that as a folder, so this may now be more of a bug report than a help request now, but if FT is going to hide its files in iCloud, how about adding a delete?

@chasrmartin You don’t need a separate tool to delete the files. Just:

  1. FoldingText > Open…

  2. Choose to open FoldingText’s iCloud Folder.

  3. You are now browsing the files in FoldingText’s iCloud folder. You can delete them in a number of ways, maybe easiest is to just drag and drop them into the Trash.

I don’t think this is a bug… it’s the way that Apple expects document based applications to use iCloud I think.

Ah HAH! That’s not the regular File dialogue!

Okay, I still think it’s a bug but it’s an apple bug: the behavior of a file dialogue shouldn’t be different that way.