How to install a script?

Scripts are made of AppleScript code that you paste into the “AppleScript Editor” application to run.

To try a script:

  1. Create a new test document in FoldingText.

  2. Open the “AppleScript Editor” app and paste in the script.

  3. Then press the green “Run” button to run the script.

If you decide to keep the script you should install it so that it’s easier to run.

To install a script:

  1. Open the “AppleScript Editor” apps preferences and make sure that “Show Script menu in menu bar” is checked.

  2. Click on that item in your menu bar and choose “Open Scripts Folder > Open User Scripts Folder”.

  3. Save the script that you were testing into that folder. Make sure to save using the “Script” format, it’s faster and some scripts wont work properly unless they are saved in “Script” format.

Once you’ve done this the script will be listed in the Script menu in your menu bar. To run the script just select it from that menu. You can also use tools such as FastScripts and Keyboard Maestro to setup keyboard shortcuts to launch scripts.

I am having issue with point 2 in installing a script. I am not seeing “Open Scripts Folder > Open User Scripts Folder.” option in AppleScript Editor. See

Where do I save the script manually? which folder?

Using OS X Mavericks.

Any help would be appreciated. AppleScripts noob here :frowning:

Ahh you need to keep going to the right in your menu bar to this:

Thanks Jesse!

Yeah, I figured it out where it was a couple of hours before your reply :smile:

However, now that I have saved the .scpt file in that folder, and restarted FT, I am still not seeing it in the Services menu. See

Any suggestions?

You should see it in that same script menu, not in your services menu. So for example I added a script called “Set Node Path” and here you can see it:

You can also run scripts from services menu, though I haven’t tried it myself. But here’s the first google result that I found.