How to place multiple cursor on selected lines


while multiple cursors is a great feature, CMD-clicking on 20 lines is a bit tedious.
Is there a key command to place multiple cursors on selected lines ?


I would love for this as well, but when I asked @jessegrosjean he said it was impossible due to how the text view is being implemented.

PS: i’m sorry, his reply was for TaskPaper.


While this is possible within the editor, I’m not sure how the details would work here. Can you let me know what you would use this feature for?


Well, I guess the ones who are more code savvy would use regex or something else to get by but for me, having multiple cursors in the document is often useful to batch process some lists and the like.

The feature is already there and I use it quite frequently.

The only missing part is the ability to select a bunch of text and hit some key command to place a new cursor on every selected lines.