How to remove strikethrough formatting from @done items?

Continuing the discussion from Customizing syntax highlighting / Github Markdown strikethrough:

I think if you add this to your user.less file it will remove it:

pre[cm-done] .cm-text {
  text-decoration: none

Jesse, great thanks, this is good for me.

Can I also get the time added to the done date using a similar override ?

Not quite sure what you mean… you mean you want the current date added to the @done tag when you check off a todo item? That can’t be done in the same way with style rules. But it should already be getting added when you click the checkbox or when you do Edit > Run Command > Done.

All I meant was to add the time to the date already showing on the done item, or is that not possible, e.g. date ‘YYYY-MM-DD HHMM’