How to stop timers

How do I stop a timer from running? I opened the timer help document yesterday and now I’m getting alarms for bread which I’m not making. I have not made bread in well more than 10 years.

Turn that bread!

There isn’t a pause button, though that could be a useful addition. But right now timers should only run and show notifications in documents that are open. Did you ever close the “Timer help” document? I think closing it should solve the problem.

I would second this as a feature request.

That’s actually not the behavior I’m seeing… I have had my bread timers going off despite the Timer Mode Guide doc being closed. In fact, last night I did a ⌘-Q of FoldingText, put my laptop to sleep, and first thing when I woke it up this morning, FoldingText opened and gave me a bread.timer notification.

No biggie, but a way to pause or even view status of ongoing timers would be a great feature.

I’m having the same experience as Jason. The timer goes off even though the doc is closed.

I’m sure it’s delicious bread.

Ok, figured out what was happening. When closing a document the web context part wasn’t getting released, so it continued to run. Its fixed now, should be in next dev release.