I love foldingtext much rather than taskpaper 3

After working on taskpaper more than one year, I have to admitted that I love foldingtext much more. I believe foldingtext is the best combination of pure text and outliner. It built the powerful outliner function on markdown file, which was the most accepted pure text format (that’s what taskpaper lacks).

Why was such a powerful and beautiful tool abandoned (I’m sorry to say so)?

Hi @kinghenry,

Thanks for writing in and for giving us your feedback.

Foldingtext, although it might look like it sometimes, is not abandoned. It’s just that there’s just one dev working on it, part time.

However, please rest assured that we’re going to keep pushing FoldingText forward. It might be slow, but still moving.

Let me know if you have other questions about this.


Thanks for your reply. Anyway, I still felt a little sad, as I found most links in the themes & scripts of FoldingText failed. It’s kind of failure of FT, to me.

I have to say, I completely agree. I found Foldingtext only about 2 months before the build failed with Shadow:Dom errors. I really hope a new build gets pushed soon. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: