Is Autocorrect available?

Am I missing something or does FT not support autocorrect?

Would be good if it were an option!

Right, FoldingText doesn’t support autocorrect. It might be possible, but quite tricky to add for an app like FoldingText that’s building the editor from the ground up. I agree it would be good to add, but I don’t know when/if I’ll get to it. It’s a feature that I always turn off personally.

This is just about enough to have me not use Folding Text. Please do support it as soon as possible. I almost sent out a long document that I created with FT with spelling errors.

Strongly agree with this feature request. The autocorrect and automatic insertion of curly quotes and apostrophes has turned out to be one of the most useful features in the new versions of OS X for me.

+1 - for me as well.

@Daniel_Grady In the case of curly quotes that’s not necessarily needed when writing in Markdown. If you are publishing a final document you will put your markdown into a Markdown processor (like Marked) and it will automatically convert to smart quotes for you.

Good point; will keep that in mind. Auto-spell-correcting is still pretty great, though! And although it sounds like I’m nitpicking, I am also really enjoying FoldingText - switched (from a plain text editor) to using it for meeting notes and brainstorming, and really like it.

Adding a big +1 for autocorrect. Sure I turn it off sometimes, but having that ooption is really valuable. I thought apple had created an API to make stuff like that easier to tap into, no?

This is something that I’m trying to address in the big “rethink” that I’m currently working on. At this point autocorrect does work, though I can’t promise it will work in the final version. But I’m definitely trying to keep it.

Didn’t find any other related topic as I searched for Autocorrect in FoldingText. So resurrecting this thread.

FoldingText is awesome. Autocorrect availability would make it even more so!

Any progress on this front?

Sorry no progress and I don’t see it as a likely candidate for implementation.

Ok. Thanks for the quick reply.

Just wondering if there are other solutions can help fix spellings - cmd-: throws up a dialog box that requires selection of the first suggested word and then to hit “change” button to replace the incorrect spelling.