Is FoldingText under development?

I’ve been a FT user for many years and it’s an app I use everyday.

I recently got an Apple Silicon Mac and as I was setting it up I went looking for an updated FoldingText application, but it hasn’t been updated since 2.3. Unfortunately, this version is not a universal application and requires Rosetta. This in itself is not really an issue, but it makes me wonder if FT is abandoned?!

What’s the state of FT as we near the end of 2023?

Here is a link to download a universal version of the app.

It’s under slow development. After I purchased FoldingText I got really busy with a new Job and have been able to make a new release. I almost have a build ready.

I will try and get a beta out soon.

Thank you for being a FoldingText customer.

Hi @croy !

Good to hear you’re still working on FT!

Can you please check the link you shared because I downloaded it and it doesn’t seem to be a universal version :thinking:

There have been ~10 downloads other than myself. Has no one else noticed that it is not a universal application?

I’ve had a good run with FT, but after testing Bike for a few days I’ve decided to move on.

Any news on the beta, @croy?

I really like Jesse’s other apps, and this looks to be a great candidate for the Markdown hub I’m looking for! However, I need it to have a file explorer and smart folders, and not only be able to open one-and-one file. Have you written anything about your feature plans for the app?


I have been working on the beta, sporadically. I’m pretty close to having a beta out. I’m going to try and release it this week.
The main things that I have been working on are getting the app functional and updated the extensions/plugins. I use the app everyday it’s usable and stable.
Short term goals:

  1. Feature compatible with 2.x.
  2. Easier way to install/find extensions.
  3. Update the javascript extensions to make it easier to write them.

When I release the beta I will have a readme with the features.



That sounds like a good start. :+1:t2: