Is FT still under active development?

Really like the feature set, but I’d like to know the product has a future before purchasing. The display bugs, noted in this forum, are a show stopper if there’s no hope of a fix.

Believe so, but would love to see a conformation from Jesse

Yes, still very much under development (it’s what I do full time). But it’s been undergoing significant changes since fall so that’s where my focus has been. I’ll post more on those changes eventually, though not ready to sure much at the moment.

Folding Text hasn’t had an update since last June. No communication since last October. And you do this full time?

Early next week I’ll post a big progress report of what I’m working on. I’m sorry I don’t communicate more evenly. When I’m developing and launching and looking for feedback I’m very active.

But at a time like now (since last august) where I’m working on my “next” direction I have a very very hard time thinking about doing anything else. And when it’s not ready to show yet there’s not much to talk about. I’ll give a report on the state of that “next” early next week.

In it’s current state I think FoldingText is pretty good. It has one big issue that I would like fixed (where document is clear in some cases on restart, just UI, actual text is still present). Unfortunately I’ve spent a bunch of time trying to recreate that without success on my own computer. And that makes it pretty much impossible to fix.

Anyway, your complain is perfectly reasonable, but yes I do this full time.

I’ve just release the first version of FoldingText for Atom. It’s not ready to replace FoldingText 2.0, but it is ready to use, especially if you use FoldingText 2.0 mainly as an outliner. Please post questions/comments in the FoldingText for Atom forum catagory. Thanks!

does this mean I can hold on purchasing FT2 for now?

Either way. I’ll offer some sort of upgrade pricing to FT3.