Is there a plugin for escaping underscores?

I’d like a plugin that allows certain characters, specifically an underscore, to be escaped, so as not to be interpreted as an emphasis directive. I use a lot of underscores in the content I’m creating, and frequently there’ll be multiple underscores on the same line, for example “subscriber_id, subscriber_email”, which just emphasizes “id, subscriber”.

I’d love something that’ll escape the underscores, but only in the code, I don’t want to see the escapes as I’m editing. (i.e. if you “more filename.ft”, I’ll see a bunch of “_”, but I’d never see the “_” while editing, only a regular underscore).

I’m not opposed to writing my own plugin if this doesn’t exist, but I won’t waste my time if it’s just not something that a plugin could be written to do.

Any thoughts or advice are appreciated.