Key combinations not recognized

Hi, I tried FT and like it. But there is a bug that does not occur in TaskPaper 2 but in the new beta version as well as in Folding Text:

I have these characters mapped to a certain key combination:


The combination is ctrl-a … ctrl-ö, ctrl-ü; and for capitals respective.

But some combinations are not recognized:


I thought that there are shortcuts in the menus, but they are not. How can I get these keys back working?


FoldingText implements its own internal keybinding system that overrides the system menus when there is a conflict. For example Ctrl-A is mapped to ‘moveToBeginningOfParagraph’ inside FoldingText and that will take precedent over anything put into the OS X menu system. To override an internally defined keybinding you’ll need to use a plugin.

I’ve just create an example plugin that you can start with.

Great, thanks a lot, this helps.

But – I do not know JavaScript, just changed from ā to ō, but cannot add other keybindings.

Where do I have to add the other patterns, and which brackets do I have to use?

Sorry, if you add one more example, I know how to go on.


Sure… repeat the pattern and separate each one with a comma.

Like this:

	'Ctrl-A' : function (editor) {
	'Ctrl-U' : function (editor) {

The modifier options are:

Shift-, Cmd-, Ctrl-, and Alt- (in that order)

Works great! Thanks for your help,