Keyboard assignment for Status=Complete (spacebar clash-prone)

A thought about Control-Space as the default key mapping for toggling Status=Complete ⇄ Active :

Not sure how typical this is for people who use LaunchBar and more than one human language or input method, but spacebar+metakey assignments are already a bit over-assigned on my system:

Ctrl-Spacebar → LaunchBar
⌥-Spacebar → Spotlight
⌘-Spacebar → Apple default for IME cycling
⌘⇧ -Spacebar → Apple default for Current ⇄ Previous IME

I’ll take a look now to see where I can change this in my local copy, but I wonder, more generally, whether others may already be overloading the spacebar with LaunchBar / Alfred, Spotlight and IME changing ?

PS am I right in thinking that ctrl + space is also an autocomplete menu default for code editing in Atom ?

Found it : -)

lib > extensions > status >

atom.keymaps.add 'status-bindings',
    'ctrl-space': 'outline-editor:toggle-status-complete'

I should probably change that but in the meantime you can re-map it in your personal keybindings (Atom > Open your Keymap) this:

  'ctrl-space': 'unset!'
  'cmd-d': 'outline-editor:toggle-status-complete'

The trick is that you can map keybindings to ‘unset!’ to disable them.