macOS High Sierra

Dear All,

Are many using FoldingText with macOS High Sierra as yet? And if so, are there any issues to report?

Thanks in advance!


Hi, I’m using FoldingText on MacOS Sierra, and all things are working fine here.

Hi! Thanks for writing back. Just to be clear, do you mean High Sierra (10.13)?

Yep. Is working fine on MacOS Sierra 10.13

I don’t use every FoldingText super power but so far I haven’t had any problems, been running it for a couple of weeks.

Hi Chris. Thanks to you, and to @oscampo for taking the time to report!

Have a minor issue, if it’s not High Sierra related then I didn’t notice it before…

Given the window is tall, when a file is loaded, only the top part of the file is loaded, and then a few seconds later, the rest of the file is loaded

Hi, I am on 10.13.1 and Mac’s word ‘lookup’ does not work in FT 2.2. Does this work for others?

No, not working for me either. Something must have changed.

Thanks for confirming this. While you’re at it - do you also find that spell check is behaving erratic? This seems not restricted to FT, but it is differently erratic in Mac’s textedit.