Magic Citations and Papers 3

Currently FoldingText will let me copy formatted references from Papers 3 into FoldingText but will not perform the Magic Citation system, Pages has gone out of favour due to lack of AppleScript apparently and I hate Word … anyone here have any clues as to how to turn this on

Ive posted in the Papers 3 forum too (but post was set to private)
Here is demo of it working in Word

Magic Citations

So the initial “insert” part works, but the end “Format Manuscript” part fails?

I expect the problem is due to the fact that FoldingText isn’t using the standard text system. It getting all of its input through a hidden HTML text field, so the “body” of the text isn’t really visible to the system as it is in most apps.

Possible workaround, what happens if you select all text, and then run the “Format Manuscript” command? FoldingText makes select text accessible for OS X services and things like that.

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Unfortunately the insert option does not appear just a copy to clipboard option when foldingtext is active writing app (this just copies the reference and not the ‘magic’ citation parts) so you don’t get either the insert or then format options, The Citation ‘app’ of Papers 3 does not seem to recognise FoldingText as capable.

Image 1

Pages (5) is recognised but has the same only copy to clipboard option which the Papers 3 guys mention as a limitation due to AppleScript support.

Image 2

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I guess next step, can you report back when you here from Papers 3 to see what methods they are using to work with text? FoldingText should work with the services menu… a service should be able to get selection, process it, and then replace it with processed results.

yes - it works with TextEdit as well so I would say it looks hopefully…

Not been too impressed with support before but here is reply (so not holding my breath)

From: Ayie (Support staff)

Hi Adam

Many thanks for your feedback and feature suggestion for Papers 3!

We are always looking for new ideas so you have our thanks for sharing this with us! To this end, I have passed on your suggestions to our Development Team.

Best Wishes,

Thanks. As I said before I’m quite sure that FoldingText is the odd one in this case. Eventually the best solution would be to expose FoldingText’s text content in a more system standard way, but that’s still a bit over the horizon I think.

They have added Applescript support to pages 3 do you think this could enable a way to do magic citations ?

Bumping this post with regards to Birch development too

Bumping in regard to writeroom 4 / folding text 3 perhaps.