Markdown Image Support?

It seems possible to create links in the text to images via URLs, but instead of inserting an image, a mere text link is used. Is there any possibility of inserting the image itself into the editor?

It’s a text editor, but if you want to edit with live display and update of the linked images, it works very well to have a window of Brett Terpstra’s Marked running next to it.

Yep, that is the best workflow. FoldingText on one side with Marked on the other. My Alfred workflow for FoldingText will open the topmost FoldingText in Marked. Much easier:

I’m sure that’s a fine workflow for some people. Personally, it’s preferable to use only Foldingtext by itself, since my intent is to use it to replace Evernote by syncing the markdown files to ownCloud, and apart from this one very small rendering issue, Foldingtext is perfect for my needs.

I don’t ever want to view the writing anywhere other than Foldingtext, and so rendering to HTML or using another application to preview the rendered markdown is more of a hindrance than a benefit.

I realize that Foldingtext is a “text” editor, but would it be possible to write a plugin to override the default display (text as a link to the image) with the actual image? I could undertake this task if it’s a plausible solution.

Technically, yes it is doable. FoldingText is really a fancy web browser with specialized code to make it work the way it does. If you are good at JavaScript, you can create an extension for anything. I am working on one for producing graphs of equations to complement my imath extension. I wrote a very basic tutorial for how to write extensions and such. My editor is still reviewing it and has not scheduled it yet. It will appear on You can also see my extension here. This can give you a starting place.

In terms of syncing, however, you will, of course, still be syncing a text file containing plain links + some external image files.

(Rather than a single file with images that are in any sense ‘embedded’ in it).

Yes, this is the sort if thing I’m thinking of. I’m not looking for all of the functionality of a complicated word processor, just the ability to insert and view a reference to the occasional image or screenshot.

The imath plugin is nice. When I found Foldingtext I was looking for a more markdown-complete Calca that saved to files so I could sync to owncloud. imath fit my needs nicely. I’m looking forward to seeing graphs, which Calca doesn’t do.

I would be thrilled if FoldingText would display images inline the way it does links, between that and the recent Calc mode the only reason I’d use any other Markdown tool on OS X would be for MMD tables.

Hey there!
I just created a plugin to do this today…I did it pretty quickly, so let me know if you run into issues. This adds support for @img tag that for lines with a markdown syntax image, will render the image on the following line.

Nice addon, but only works for web addressed images. It will not show images on my hard-drive in the same directory as the document.

For example, this produces a broken picture image:

FunEditor on Mac

It is tag I am using in a tutorial for using NW.js.

Yes, I know, I worte a note on that in the README. For now, they have to be hosted. I’ll try to add support for relative paths though!

For now, I just drag and drop the desired image into this web app, or similar, and copy the direct path.

Okay, I just did not see the note. Thanks.

I would also like inline image support.

I have Marked, I find it pointless to run it next to Folding Text merely for displaying an image.

Folding Text feels incomplete.

+1 for image support. I appreciate that text-only might be a philosophical thing, but I’d like the image features of Markdown to be supported in my documents. I primarily use Markdown (and Folding Text) for documentation, where images can be more than decorative. I’d rather not go back and forth between Folding Text – which I like very much – and Marked 2.

Hi, and thanks for writing the plugin!
I’m a real newbie to foldingtext, and markdown, and also (of course) plugins to foldingtext.
I managed to download and install your plugin, but I can’t get it to work at all. The best I can get it to do is show a tiny picture icon with a question mark in it.
I’ve tried linking to a picture on my local drive, and also to an online image, but in both cases all I’m seeing is the same little icon.
There’s probably something I’m missing or not understanding, but I’ve no idea what it is.
Any assistance would be most appreciated.

Hey there. i’m using 2.3 dev but (surprisingly to me, since i haven’t tried it in years), it seems to work…


this is the markup details


is this how you’re doing it?

cc @Graeme (i just now a 2 year old post from you asking about this working…sorry for the extremely long delay in response lol)

Thank you for your fast reply!

In case it matters, I’m using FoldingText 2.2 (770), and didn’t even know there was a 2.3 dev version.

And yes, at least I thought that was exactly what I was doing, although today it started working, when I typed in your example! :smiley:

So probably I mis-typed the test URL I was using yesterday, even though I could have sworn that I’d checked it at least twice… However, I’m still not getting the local pictures to work. And that’s much more important to me, as the network where I am isn’t always available, or reliable. :frowning:

I played around with different pathnames, wondering if it was a problem that I had dashes, spaces, and other characters in a few of my directory names, or whether I needed to include the root drive name, but I never found a combination of characters that worked. I always got the question mark icon.

What would be ideal for my workflow would be to include the document I’m working on and all the images I’m intending to go into it within the same local folder, and then reference the name of the photo with a short name only, without any other path information. That seems to be a markdown standard, as I’ve found it done that way elsewhere, after submitting my question here, and I was also able to get that approach to work with the previews generated by marked 2.

Happily, I also got this approach to work within the editorial app on my iPad, when I swipe right to get a preview. Frankly I’m loving that I can do my writing projects in a much more portable way, using that! My iPad weighs so much less than my Mac does!

Now that I know that I can at least do this through Marked 2, getting this to also work with your plugin has become a much lower priority for me, but if there’s a way to see the images while I’m writing within FoldingText, that would still be the ideal if it’s possible.

@carolineartz Thank you! However, I’ve now given up on FoldingText. Fortunately, TaskPaper pretty much fills the gap it left.