Need help with timer function

Hello, I used task paper for quite a while and loved. Then just found folding text, which is an even better version for me needs. I love this thing! So sorry to see that it is in suspension. Can anyone help me with the timer feature? This would be so ideal for my needs, but I can’t make it work. I have looked at the screenshots and the video repeatedly, and when I replicate what I see on the screen, it doesn’t work. The word .timer does go into italics, but I am missing something after that. Can someone help?? Thanks!

See the menu:

FoldingText > Help > * Mode

for help and examples on the various modes. I think timer is a special case (it doesn’t work) because it was renamed to “.schedule” … Check out the Help > Schedule Mode menu item for a full example of schedule mode.

Thank you so much!! That did the trick. This is an incredible piece of software. Great for GTD implementation.