Opening files from links

If a file is dragged to a TaskPaper document, a file link is created, and clicking that link will open the file. There is a lot to like about the different way in which FoldingText handles file and folder links, particularly the ability to ascribe short names and hide the address, but there appears to be a deliberate decision only to open the enclosing folder when clicking file links. Almost always I would prefer to open the file. Is there some reason why this is more difficult to enable in FT than TP, or is it just policy? Would it be practicable to default to opening the file, but open the enclosing folder with Command-click?

There has been a little discussion elsewhere of this, but no topic devoted to it. I know that there was also a script that was supposed to handle opening of files via the shell, but I was unable to get it to work. Any thoughts or suggestions much appreciated.

Sorry this is just something that I haven’t got to yet.

I popped in to ask for the same feature. I’d love to use FT as a personal wiki editor but following links to local docs is perry essential…

It seems that if I Create a link to a local page by name FT tries to open it in a browser. If I prefix it with “./” it opens the folder it’s in.

I might have a look at seeing if nvAlt can bridge the gap and use FT as an external editor - I’ll report back if that works.