Outline View Demo


So, as I’m spending more time fixing the bugs and doing some general cleaning (some would say, breaking more than I fix :blush:), I thought I should work towards adding something.

So, after a bit of some quick hacking, I’m attaching a link to a video demoing the feature: Outline view

Do let me know what you think :smile:



This is really great! I know you said no promises, but I’m looking forward to seeing it in the app.

Nice. This will be hide-able, right? I really like keeping my writing space clean most of the time and use a hotkey to open up features like this. I did not get to see the whole video since the connection kept resetting.

@raguay Yep, definitely hideable :slight_smile:

Do you mind sharing your theme configuration? I really like it! Thanks!

Looking forward to playing with this…

This looks fantastic. Good to see that FoldingText is getting some love, too.

This looks great.

As you keep tinkering with it, I wonder if a similar approach might be used to list files in a directory? E.g., one tab lists the headings in the document, another tab lists the files / folders in a directory (similar to the tree view in the Atom app).

@derekvan That would be a much bigger undertaking than this. However, it is something I have thought about.

I think my theme is pretty much the standard one. I don’t recall changing it, maybe did some changes ages ago.

This looks fantastic. Since I use FT for developing presentations, this will be extremely useful and make working with complex documents much, much simpler.

Of course. Just glad to hear it’s on your radar, even if it’s not on the roadmap yet.

Yes! Yes! Yes! I would personally highly welcome this feature. One comment: in the outline sidebar on the left-hand side, I wouldn’t put a blank space between the headings and modes (having the different heading levels indented is of course a very good idea). I think it’s actually easier to read without the spaces, and if you have lots of headings in your document, you have a better chance of seeing the whole structure. Word does it that way and I’ve always found it easy to work with.

Good stuff!

PS: Agree also with raguay that the sidebar should be hideable. But then again, hideability is what FT is all about, innit? :wink:

Dev Release out: http://support.foldingtext.com/t/foldingtext-2-2-dev-release/1560

:wink: with the outline view!

Très, très chouette option qui s’approche de celle de MultiMarkdown Composer mais, ici, avec des nuances assez sympa…!
Merci pour cette ajout de taille. Et il semble que le doublon en bas de l’informations sur le nombre de mots soit également corrigé… :smile:
Bravo !

Note à l’usage… Il manque une option, celle de pouvoir réorganiser les niveaux par un simple déplacement dans cette colonne d’outiline… (drag and drop level to another position…)

Nowadays I spend most of my time on my iPad so I have not looked at FoldingText for months. Today I noticed the update and the Outline View. This is fantastic. I have appreciated the feature in Nisus Writer and OmniOutliner. I want to express my appreciation for the work that is being done to maintain and improve FT.

The side summary outline does two things for me that I find essential in larger projects: (1) it allows me to quickly navigate a large outline (2) it keeps the whole project before me as I focus on one part.

I am beset by many distractions in my life. The pinnacles of reaching memorable work flow has been in simple writing apps such as WriteNow and iA Writer and in structured complex outlines in apps such as OmniOutliner, MindWrite and Nisus Writer. I have really desired FoldingText to bring together these two disparate writing environments. I think you may have done it. I look forward to seeing how it works for me. Thanks.

Do you guys have a “Tip Jar”?

Thank you so much for the kind words!

Although we don’t have a tip jar, the best way to support FoldingText development is to spread the word. Tell a friend, write a blog post, tweet, or just write a review on iTunes.

We really hope that we can continue to make FoldingText into the most powerful writing app on the Mac. For that, we need the help of all our awesome users.

Thanks again!