Reference Style Links

I’m using reference style links in a document I’m working on, and I notice that some of the links end up with little red dashes under them.

For example, somewhere high in my document I have a line like this…

Quotations may also be imported from [][wikiq]

…and ‘wikiq’ has the little red dashes under it.

At the end of my document I have another line like this…


… and, again, ‘wikiq’ has little red dashes under it.

And yet, other reference style links don’t have such an indication.

What are the dashes trying to tell me?

Those are just detected as spelling errors. You can turn off live spell check via Edit > Spelling. Or right click on those words and choose “Ignore” or “Learn”.

Ah! Of course! The linked text was also not appearing in my document, so I thought there might have been a problem with the link, but perhaps it’s just that linked text never appears when syntax is hidden (which seems a little odd…).

Thanks for the quick response! Love your program!