Removing tag from an item and still showing in search for #

Add a tag to an item (I used CMD-SHIFT-T). It properly shows up when doing a search for “#”.

Remove the tag from the item (I bring up CMD-SHIFT-T again, then use the delete key to remove any existing tag).

The item will not show when filtered on the Tag value it previously had.

It will show when searching for “#” even though there is no visible tag associated with it.

Searching for “#” does properly drop any items from display that do not have a tag with it, provided that item never had a tag associated with it.

Looks like the HTML for a removed tag is keeping ‘data-tags = “”’
where as the data-tags attribute doesn’t exist for an item that never had it.

Yes, I’m seeing that too.

Can’t immediately think of an obvious meaning or use for data-tags="", and I guess if there is one it will need UI to create it more directly …

( perhaps it just needs to be deleted with the last tag to go ? )

Thanks for reporting this. It’s a bug, I’m tracking it here: