Script: Open OPML outlines in FoldingText 2

A script to Open OPML outlines in FoldingText


This is an applescript which uses a Python helper script to convert from OPML to FoldingText Markdown.

It therefore needs:

  1. To be saved as a Compiled Script Bundle .scptd
    (not as .applescript or flat .scpt)
  2. To have the Python script copied into the script bundle’s Contents/Resources folder. For example as: FT2ImportOPML.scptd/Contents/Resources/

To open an .scptd bundle, ctrl-click it, and choose ‘Show Package Contents’

(Note that if you accidentally do a Save As in a format other than .scptd, the bundle format and the Python script will be lost.

You will then need to save again as .scptd, and manually place a copy of in FT2ImportOPML.scptd/Contents/Resources/)