Scripts for converting FoldingText 2 ⇄ TaskPaper 3 (copy/paste)

Two scripts for:

  1. Copying from FoldingText 2 in TaskPaper 3 format, and
  2. copying from Taskpaper 3 in in FoldingText 2 format.

I get an error with the TP to FT script:

In the line

tell item 1 of lstDocs to set varResult to (evaluate script "pstrJS")

I get the error

Expected “,” but found “script”.

I wonder if you accidentally skipped a line in a copy / paste ?

(Or perhaps didn’t see the This file has been truncated line at the bottom of the partial GitHub window on the Forum’s Discourse page ?)

I just copy-pasted and ran the script from the full page without a problem, but HTML displays of Applescript can introduce problems, so the best approach is always to get the script straight from the Github repository zip:

(or from the ‘raw’ page:

(PS this script is, of course, for TaskPaper 3 (dev) builds, which use a different script engine from TP2)

Whoops, that’s what it was: I’m using TP 2. Thanks for pointing that out!