Second tag on one line not active


If I type a line like this, with the same tag (but different contents) in one row, the second tag is not active as a focus link:

Get in touch with @contact(Karen) and @contact(Eric)

So, I can click on Karen to look for all instances of her tag, but not Eric.

Hmmm…and if I put a comma after the first tag, the behavior is reversed. With

Get in touch with @contact(Karen), @contact(Eric)

Karen’s tag is inactive, but Eric’s is active.

Tags are key:value attributes, and any given attribute of a node (line) can only have one value.

From FT’s point of view, that line would mean ‘the contact of this node is Karen’, and then when you respecify the contact attribute of that node as ‘Eric’, it simply replaces the earlier assignment, which can no longer be treated as a tag.

Perhaps, for example: @contact-Karen @contact-Eric ?

Or perhaps @contacts @karen @eric

OK, I see. I’d prefer to be able to filter based on either lines containing the key “contact” or contact value “Karen,” but I’ll think about other ways to do that.