Select all when folded shouldn't select unfolded text!

@jessegrosjean the previous version of Folding Text had a feature which made it a joy to edit long from copy with.

Cmd-A when folded in a section only selected the text in that section. That made it so easy to dart around a long document moving text around.

Unfortunately now when pressing Cmd-A when folded selects the entire document. The only way to move sections around is to select by dragging the cursor over the section and trying not to copy the ellipsises.

In my opinion this is a really poor feature to lose as it makes the workflow so much worse.

All in all the stability is better in the new version, but I’ll be switching back to my old copy of the old app until this changes.

Hope this is helpful.

I understand what you mean, but I think the new behavior is a bit clearer… the old behavior was actually a bit more complicated then you might have noticed. If you folded text inside the page it was cut/copied/pasted. It was only when it was folded at top and bottom of view. I think the current behavior is easier to understand… all your text is always available… just sometimes its hidden in a fold… which is still selectable.

With all of that said, FoldingText IS hackable and I think without to much trouble you could get the old behavior back as an option at least. There’s a start on this here:

I guess try that out and let me know what else you need.