Spell checker for FT

Taskpaper has spell checking. Why not FoldingText?

FoldingText does have spellcheck. See:

  • Edit > Spelling

But it’s true that FoldingText’s spell check (and some other text editing features) don’t match the OS X standard behavior. The reason for this is that FoldingText’s interface is implemented using HTML/DOM (web technologies) while TaskPaper’s UI is implemented using the OS X native text component (NSTextView).

There are a number of tradeoffs on both sides. Generally:

  • FoldingText’s text editor is more flexible and styleable, but much harder (or impossible in some cases to integrate with native OS X text features).

  • TaskPaper’s text editor is a bit less flexible and styleable, but we get all the native text features for free.

Thanks for the explanation.

therefore do you suggest to use TP even for writing long texts?

I think some people do use TaskPaper for writing long texts, so yes give it a try if you think TaskPaper’s organizational features will help you write. With that said TaskPaper isn’t designed as a long form writing tool, so I’m not sure that I would “suggest” people use it for that purpose, but you certainly could.