Sublime-like "Go To" search bar

This plug-in adds a Cmd+R shortcut to FoldingText that behaves similarly to Sublime Text’s Goto Symbol… command.

Upon activation, it displays a search bar with a list representing the structure of your document, selecting the nearest heading to the cursor. The list can be navigated using the arrow keys, pressing Return closes the search bar and teleports you to the selected heading, and pressing ESC closes the search bar and teleports you back where you were before activating the command. You can also scroll and click on the desired heading using the mouse.

Structure navigation

To narrow down the structure, type a few characters belonging to the heading you’re looking for. This does a fuzzy search, presenting you the nearest matches first.

Fuzzy search

This allows you to quickly navigate to the previous or next heading ( Cmd+R , then down arrow, then Return ), or to quickly go anywhere in your document.

I think the “Download from GitHub” link is incorrect?

Oops! Fixed, thanks!