Suggestion for nesting

Hi. Just a suggestion. Might be a bad one as you have obviously thought Folding Text through a lot more than me, but it strikes me that it would be easier to use if you reversed the way of creating nested paragraphs. If your major headings had more hashtags than lower level entries then there would be less hash tagging all up.

EG :

“###Major level”
“## Sub level”
#Body level”

Because there will probably be more points in the lower levels there would be less typing of hashtags and also it’s kind of intuitive that the more hashtags you add the more important the level.

Anyway, would be glad to hear what I haven’t thought through.


How does this work exactly? I am not using markup yet - only TaskPaper3. Does this work when typing in TP3? I tried putting a hashtag in front of an item in TP3, wondering of it would change anything (it didn’t).

This is a suggestion is posted in the “FoldingText” forum, not TaskPaper.

Sorry I’m slow on FoldingText responses.

I did try that idea and you are correct it has some advantages. But in the end I choose the current design because it keeps “markup syntax” most visually separate and easy to distinguish from document content.

In the end, no matter the choice I just think that Markdown isn’t very good at showing document hierarchy. I battled this in a lot of different ways, but can to the conclusion that there’s just no good solution. That’s the big reason when I’m now focused in TaskPaper (which hierarchies are clear) while @mutahhir works on FoldingText part time.

Don’t give up! Looks to emacs ORG mode for inspiration. It manipulates the text to indent, and has an option to remove the asterisks which serve the same function as the # in folding text.

It’s dope. It’s closest competitor is Folding Text, but FT just isn’t there yet.