Table display via LESS

LESS wizards:

would it be possible to render tables within FT files using LESS rules or a plugin? In other words, to have a multi markdown table look like it does in HTML in the FT window itself. I’m thinking since bullets can be rendered more “pretty” inline with the other text, this ought to apply to other elements as well, right? Not sure if this is surpassing the limits of FT to render HTML content out of the markdown aspects of the file …

In theory it would be possible… not just with less rules, but with a plugin together with less rules. But in practice the implementation would need to touch a number of different FoldingText internals and could be tricky to get right. And even if the implementation was right the editing experience would likely be pretty weird… with the UI display changing by large amounts as syntax was recognized or not. Because of these things I don’t expect this to be added.

Yeah, I figured there’d be issues with editing that would make it weird. I was mostly just hoping for display within FT rather than for editing (I have to create my tables in sublime text because i like to use proportional fonts in FT), but a bit weird to make a display-only feature for an editor.