Tes consumes a lot of power

I am using Tes version 1.2 (152) and I see that it consumes a lot of power, almost 70% on my MacBook Pro M1.

I think this great application should be optimised.

Same problem here. Tes v. 1.2 is taking from 60 to 70 % CPU according to the Activity Monitor Window,

Mac Studio Ultra. 128Gb. 4Tb.

macOS Monterey 12.5.


Tes consumes up to 140+% CPU on my laptop. This started with the update before the most recent one. It was never an issue before. I have to quit Tes to regain CPU power and app memory.

(MacBook Air M1 2020; Mac OS Monterey 12.4, 1TB, Memory 16 GB)

It’s an issue caused by iCloud sync. If you don’t need iCloud sync turning it off solves the issue.

I hope to have this resolved in the next release. I apologize for the inconvenience.


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@Kilfir @MHC22 @Kalfer

This issue has been resolved, if you were using iCloud sync it should work fine now.