TES in some really weird state

Ok for the last month or so, I can’t seem to get TES to display favourite items. I can mark something as a favourite and it will display, but then the next time I open TES that item is gone.
It used to be I would see all my favourites listed at the top and I would select the one I wanted.
Now I’m lucky if I see 1 favourite and sometimes it duplicates the favourite.
If I expand/limit the number of total clips, then magically all my favourites appear, some duplicated and some not. But only for a short while. After that they are sorted chronologically.
If I change the height of the clips, magically the list reloads and displays my favourites, but then the next time it will resize the heights and not display them.
Long & short of it, it is capturing all my copies, but the list of favourites is totally random if they appear or not.
Is there a way to reset TES and set up my favourites again?
macOS 12.7.2 - macbook pro 16 - 2019 - TES ver 1.2.

It sound like Tes Database is corrupt.
There are two ways to reset Tes. If you are using iCloud you can delete the iCloud database and then restart Tes and the database will be populated from iCloud.

Option 1
1 .Stop Tes
2. Delete the Tes database (see below)
3. Restart Tes (it may take a few minutes to sync)

The second option:

  1. Backup the DB (Settings → General)
  2. Delete the Tes Database.
  3. Restore the Tes backup. (Settings → General)

Delete the Tes Database
cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Tes
rm sqllite

This attached script will mv the old database to a new directory.
Script to delete the Tes Database

I’m at a total loss here.
I did a backup, but it’s gone now. No biggy. It’s corrupt, so why backup a corrupt file?
I stopped. I deleted. Restarted.
Tes showed me no items. Yes!!
Copied and favourited 2 items.
Suddenly it starts repopulating the last 10 clips, including my previously favourited items. 2 of which now appear as duplicates.
I click out and open it again and the screen is blank. Huh?
I copy 1 item and favourite it. Click out. Open again. 1 favourite.
In/out, in/out - 1 item.
Start typing this note and I have 12 items again, 2 dup favourites.
The favourites are all at the top, except 1 at the bottom.
In/out several times… same set of clips.

So I’m going to assume there is some sync with iCloud somewhere? Where else would it pull my old data from if I just rm’d it?
I’ll watch it for now, but sure seems like a ghost in the machine.
If all else fails I’ll delete all the sqlite files in app support and see if that does anything.

if you have iCloud sync turned on everything will repopulate from iCloud. I have used this option on occasion.

If you want to truly delete all your data, turn off iCloud sync. Delete the local db. Restart Tes and import you backup. This should also get rid of the duplicates.