Text disappears on scroll when it is selected

Similar to Text appears/disappears in a buggy way when scrolling topic, but when text is selected (especially large part of text).


Thanks for writing in. I can’t seem to reproduce this at the moment. Do you have any steps to reliably reproduce this?




This is a tricky one. I’ve seen it happen a few times, but I’ve found it hard to reproduce and never reliably. I think post FoldingText 2.1 one goal might be to update to the latest CodeMirror. This will take a bunch of work (I can give you some starter points over email laster) as I’ve done quit a bit of modification. I expect it’s this modification, or the old version of CodeMirror that’s at the root of this problem.


The latest version (Version 2.1 (753)) is having a problem similar to this. In a large document and scrolling (you do not have to have a selection), the new text blinks in and out. Visually disturbing, but not a functional problem. It only slows you down looking for a particular text.


Thanks for reporting this. Can you send me a screencast of this happening? Also, how big of a document does it have to be before the issue appears?


It is very reproducible with documents over 1000 words (by the internal word count). It does it some on documents from 700-1000 words. You can download my test file and video here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r4xfp7shar4ehrd/test.zip?dl=0

To me, it seems to be related to the number of todo items more than word count. Also, at the end of the video you will see a new anomaly that I just noticed. When the cursor should be in front of the @ symbol, it goes to the first column of the line, but types in the correct location. Usable once you get used to it, but would be disturbing for newbies.