Todo section behaviour

i’m not sure if this is new (mis)behaviour, but say i have a .todo section, if i check (or tag @done) the main title, shouldn’t all the listed items also get checked/unchecked??

as a simple example :

big project

sub-project 1

  • list item 1
  • list item 2
  • a sublist.todo
    • item 3-1
    • item 3-2
  • list item 4

when i check/tag “a sublist”, i expect all the node’s children to follow suit.
(yes, i have&use a plugin that tags all selected lines, but that’s hardly efficient)


I’m not sure about this. Ideally, it makes sense, but I kinda like the 1-1 mapping between clicking done and there being no side-effects. As you mentioned that there’s a plugin that helps you out with this, so it isn’t blocking as such.

I don’t think I’d like to modify this behavior. If we do change this, the plugin someone will have to create for the inverse (ensuring all the children are unchecked via plugin) will more cumbersome. I favor simple interactions without side-effects, and plugins can be created for more focused use-cases.