Trial vs Upcoming Beta

My trial has three days left!

… but I’ve read the beta for the new version is coming soon.

What to do? I’m not going to buy now and then have to purchase the new version in a couple months.

Hi @speg,

Thanks for trying out FoldingText. Unfortunately I don’t have a clear answer for you regarding your question.

we have a plan for a beta, but I can’t say exactly how soon it’ll land. We’re working hard on it but there’s still much we’d like to do before we get it to a point where we’ll be sharing with a few people.

We also have plans on taking care of our customers who have bought FoldingText recently, so they don’t have to pay double, but to be honest we haven’t thought about how we’ll be able to do that.

As you can see, things are in a bit of a flux and we’re figuring things out as we proceed. Please bear with us during this period as we try to work on getting to you what we feel is the best version of FoldingText yet.