Updated OPML import (simpler use, faster, imports _note attributes)

I’ve updated the OPML outline import script for FoldingText.

  • It is now simpler to install
    (a flat .applescript or .scpt, rather than a script bundle, and no need for a Python helper script)
  • it should also run a little faster,
  • and it adds the import of _note attributes (as used, for example in OmniOutliner OPML, as body text).

Importing and Exporting OPML outlines

An Applescript for importing OPML outlines as Markdown (FoldingText) outlines

Two Applescripts for saving plain text (Markdown or Taskaper) outlines as OPML

(And for anyone who wants a command line version, an OPML to FoldingText Python script OPML2FT.py)


  • Run any of the Applescripts from something like KeyBoard Maestro or FastScripts

  • Opening an OPML outline as a FoldingText outline:

  • Saving a Markdown (FoldingText) outline as OPML:

  • Saving a TaskPaper 3 outline as OPML:

(Github page)

Brilliant script Rob, thanks a ton.

Just one minor thing though: I initially had some trouble getting this working because it seems as though GitHub messed with the encoding of the FTFastImportOPML script. In on readFile «class utf8» is messed up. Granted I didn’t clone the repo, just copied the raw.

Good – I’m glad you find it useful.

And yes, Github can’t display Applescript chevrons or line continuation characters in a way that can be copied and pasted.

Downloading the .zip from the main page of the repository is really the only solution there, I think.

I’ve added a Ver 2.0 of Save As OPML for FoldingText.

Version 2:

  1. Preserves the expansion state of the FoldingText Outline
  2. Is written in OS X 10.10 Javascript for Automation

(Javascript for Automation still uses the .applescript and .scpt extensions)

(If you are still using a pre-Yosemite OS X, the ‘Applescript applescripts’ linked in the earlier posts are still there)